Brake Parts

Brake Band

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Replaces Manco 1492
Fits our STE260-141 drum
Fits 4-3/16" OD drum
7/8" HT
Includes pin

Brake Cable

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Fits Fox and Rupp front wheel

Conduit 30"
Overall 34"

Comes with U-clamp and spring

Brake Cable

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Heavy Duty universal cable
Barrel on one end

Conduit 55"
Overall 60"

Brake Cable

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Fits Fox and Rupp rear wheel
Comes with U-clamp and spring

Conduit 51-1/4"
Overall 56"

Brake Caliper Assembly

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Replaces Manco 3759

Used on riding mowers, mini bikes
and go-karts.

For replacement brake pads use our

Brake Drum

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Fits Bristers (Thunder Karts),
Hamilton Bros. (Lightning),
K-C Mfg. and Ken Bar

Four 5/16" holes on 2-13/16" circle
Four 3/8" holes on 2-7/8" circle

4-1/4" OD x 1" HT


Brake Lever

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Fits 7/8" handle
Uses barrel or ball type cable end
Includes cable adjuster

Brake Pads

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Fits our STE260-109 disc brake assy
Fits go-karts
Large pad = 1-1/16" OD x 1/2" THK
Small pad = 1-1/16" OD x 9/32" THK