Test Equipment

Carburetor Pressure Gauge

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Detects leaks on carburetor
in seconds.

Charging System Tester

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Test once with engine running and
a second time with engine off and
starter cranking.
Bright L.E.D. tells exact condition
of batter and charging system.
Five voltage ranges
Checks both 6 and 12 volt systems

Compression Tester

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2-3/4" diameter gauge
Reads up to 300 psi
Fits 14mm & 18mm spark
plug holes.
3/4" hex at base for easy
installation and removal.

Inline Spark Tester

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Connect one end to coil, other
end to spark plug.
Window allows you to see the
amount of spark.

Spark Tester

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Designed exclusively for
small engine repair.

Test Light

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For use on 6 or 12 volt systems.

Wireless Tachometer

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Hand held precision instrument
Accurately determines RPM on
2 and 4 cycle single cylinder engines.
No connection required, just hold
near spark plug wire.
Selector swith for 0-3000 RPM and
0-15,000 RPM.